Unit 1 Literature: Monday

Hi all,

Monday is your first exam Unit 1 Literature.

Remember this is Of Mice and Men and Unseen poetry.
1 hour on each section.

Of Mice and Men - 1 hour
20 minutes extract response (AO1 and AO2) close reading of the extract focusing on how language is used to create mood and atmosphere or shape the readers opinion of a character or the relationship between characters.
40 minutes whole text response (AO1 and AO4) - focus on the whole novel and link your response to the writer's purpose and social, historical and cultural context.  Remember to talk about the characters as constructed characters created by Steinbeck to convey a message.  Don't just tell the story.

Unseen poetry - 1 hour (AO1, AO2 and AO3)
15 minutes planning and annotating. 45 minutes writing
Write a personal response to the two poems exploring links and considering the writer's methods and effect on the reader.  Remember to analyse and evaluate - you don't get any marks for feature spotting.

I will be in school from 7.45 on Monday morning and will be running a last minute session if you want to come along.


I'm confident you will all do brilliantly.

Miss Sinclair

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